Informations about the model:
Total Bricks: 251

The 19th century probably stands for change like no century before. Those who lived from 1850 to the early 20th century must have lived in different worlds. Just think of urbanization, the mass market on an economic and political level, the development of gainful employment, the progress of industrialization, etc. How should one still find one's way around in this world? Especially cities showed this change very clearly. New possibilities of street lighting, new possibilities of advertising, new means of transport, more modern streets etc. 

With this instruction you get a small insight of what it might have looked like back then. You can see a so called Litfaßsäule and a street lamp on some cobblestones. At the moment the model is missing a little bit of life.  Can you imagine how the scene would have looked like?

Note: This purchase is for the instructions and partslist in pdf only.

Scale: about 1/40

Litfaßsaule instructions