The 1:120 micro model Bf-110

The Bf-110 was a twin-engined, two-seat German fighter aircraft designed by Messerschmitt in the 1930s before WWII. The design reflected the unrefined theories of aerial warfare that would later be changed by wartime experience. The aircraft's configuration, with a gunner / radio operator meant additional weight and size and dogfighting proved a challenge against more nimble enemies flying Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft. Despite this challenge, the Bf-110 was capable of mounting heavier weapons in various configurations which made it an ideal bomber interceptor and it soldiered on for most of WWII being used as a bomber interceptor and night fighter.

This Bf-110 was my first "Micro Brick Battle Lug" build inspired by user "Vegecethepilot" on Instagram and a larger COBI model of the aircraft that my son really enjoyed. I'd built some Brickmania-designed aircraft including their "Spitfire," P-47, Bf-109, Stuka, and B-24 and was interested in building new designs and this was my first "Micro Brick War LUG" completion.

The Omaha Bricks Bf-110 model can be easily adapted to different markings including an all-black night-fighter configuration with "Schräge Musik."

We have not yet developed the values for movement and combat to be able to use this with the Brickmania Micro Brick Battle™ system, but it is the right scale for it.

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