Jasta 11 about his SM 79 design

The "Gobbo Maledetto", (Damned Hunchback) was the popular nickname for a plane that, on paper was not a serious threat in the skies. Thanks to many skillful pilots, this beatifully designed machine's name went down in aviation history books as on of the best Italian planes that fought during WWII.

My first model kit was a 1/72 representation of this peculiar machine and it has always had a place in my heart. Designing a larger version using Lego Bricks became a mission for me. The design of a Minifig-Scale model was going nowhere a couple of months ago and I needed to take my mind of it for a while. What better way to take your mind off building something big if not by building the same thing but smaller? The result was this little Microscale beauty. I tried to incorporate all the main features, and of course the trademark "hunchback" (in a closed position), the overall result satisfied me and received a lot of appreciation from all over the community, so here it is for everybody to build!

The paint job is inspired by the markings of the famous 281st Torpedo bomber Squadron in the Mediterranean Theater. This unit, led by Gold Medal recipient Cpt. Buscaglia, achieved numerous successes during the early years of the war.

The SM 79 micro plane designed by Jasta 11 is available now in our webshop.

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