Introducing the micro scale Curtis P-40 Tomahawk!

Ryan, AKA "Grasshopper Squadron" lead here.

Most of the aircraft (not all) that I design for Omaha Bricks and the "Battlin' Bricks" micro aircraft series (compatible with the Brickmania, Micro Brick Battle™ 1:120 scale) are inspired by someone I've met, or a story I've read about WWII aerial combat. In this case, I can say that I've met at least two of the pilots of this aircraft, both of them relatively famous! The first pilot to mention is David Lee "Tex" Hill, who retired as a Brigadier General from the US Air Force. He was was born in my hometown area - San Antonio, TX and was best known as a member of one of the most recognizable groups of fighter pilots during the Second World War - the famous "Flying Tigers" who fought in China. Many myths and legends exist about this group, but their true story is still thrilling. My recollection of him is from airshows and events that I've attended where he was always kind to talk with the young people about his experiences during WWII and the aircraft he flew. The "Flying Tiger" variant included in the Omaha Bricks P-40 micro scale release is intended to "somewhat" represent his aircraft. I have a treasured signed copy of one of his books, the title of which I've linked to below on Amazon. To read more about "Tex" Hill online, look at the links below!

The second pilot to mention is Kenneth Taylor - one of the two of the handful of pilots who helped defend Pearl Harbor from attacking Japanese aircraft. "Ken"Taylor and George Welch were the pilots famously depicted in the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora" who raced down the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii and arrived at the airfield at Haleiwa Auxiliary Air Field where they were able to launch two armed P-40Bs into the air and shot down several Japanese aircraft during two sorties. A fun fact is that Taylor was probably wearing tuxedo pants on the combat missions! I met him in Fredericksburg, Texas at a large Pearl Harbor commemoration at the Nimitz Museum AKA the National Museum of the Pacific War, and I believe I have a book with his autograph somewhere on a shelf.

The third aircraft in our release represents an RAF or US aircraft in the North African deserts somewhere in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. The P-40 also served in Alaska and in Russia throughout the entire war, and you can think of ways to change the design to represent those aircraft!

I hope you enjoy playing with our rendition of the P-40!

Links: Brig. Gen. David Lee "Tex" Hill

Brig. Gen. Kenneth Taylor

The Curtis P-40

Note: Omaha Bricks is not affiliated with Brickmania Toys although our micro scale designs are intended to be compatible with other game pieces they have designed for their Micro Brick Battle™ game.

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